Learn more about how Cora Science can work with your team to advance your natural product ventures.

Contract Research and Testing for natural products

Our partners are anyone across the botanical product and dietary supplement supply chain who need quality research and development or third party testing services to support their business operations. Keep reading to find out more about some of our common analytical, research and consulting packages that we offer.


Accredited Analytical Testing

Plant or product questions? Whether it’s harvest status, product quality, or anything else, our laboratory has standard and custom methods to make your unknowns into knowns.


Shelf Life / Stability Studies

Does your material hold it together? Shelf life and stability testing can be applied to foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and many more consumer packaged goods to establish storage and expiry conditions.


Contract Research

Trying to understand more about your raw materials, products, or processes? Consult with our team and let us do the science for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Ready to send in a sample for testing? You may find our general sample submission form and catalog here. For questions, contract research, or other custom testing services, drop a line on our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Analytical Characterization

Creating data points, one unknown variable at a time.

Ready-made test methods for food, dietary supplements, and other natural products. For our potency, label claim, and compliance testing, we work with all stages of the product lifecycle, including agricultural production, intermediate and finished product manufacturing, or retailers and brands.

  • Food and Supplement Label Claims
    • Vitamins / Minerals
    • Nootropics
    • Herbal Supplements
  • Botanical Potency Testing
    • Phytocannabinoids
    • Mitragyna (Kratom) Alkaloids
    • Sceletium (Kanna) Alkaloids
    • Kavalactones
    • Ashwagandha Withanolides
  • Compliance Testing
    • Microbiology
    • Elemental Analysis (Metals)
    • Residual Solvents (VOCs)
    • Food Pesticides
    • Adulterants
    • Water and Soil Testing

stability and Shelf Life Testing

Need to know long your product can make it?

Have a formulation or product, but not sure if it can take the test of time? Our controlled shelf life and stability testing services can put an answer to that. We place your materials in one of our controlled environments and perform analytical testing on a routine schedule to determine a rate of degradation or failure of product safety.

  • Endpoints:
    • Potency Breakdown
    • Microbiological Failure
  • Speed:
    • Real Time
    • Acelerated

Contract Research and Consultations

Whether you just need a technical expert for your process, or want us to do all the heavy lifting, our process for fundamental research and consultation services are the same. You’ll always be working directly with a technical staff member to ensure that everything is communicated as true to the science as possible.



A member of our technical team will meet with you to understand your goals, set project expectations, and create a realistic timeline for your project. This may take one or more meetings depending on the extent of the project.



Our team takes the information from our first meeting to draft a formal scope of work to ensure that the project details have hard, achievable goals with an understood cost basis, so there aren’t any surprises down the road.



For consulting clients, we’ll work with your team to be sure all objectives from the proposal are met in a timely manner and your team can fully execute. For fundamental research clients, we’ll do the heavy lifting and provide project updates along the way.


Final Report

At the conclusion of the scope of work, a final report will be drafted and presented to be sure all parties are satisfied with the work conducted.